40X - 400X Magnification
Metallurgical - Metallographic
Epi - Illumination
Portable Monocular Microscope
W/ Rechargeable Battery


MODEL: mm0053000a

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Original Price: 519.98 USD

Sale Price: 400.00 USD

  • Great for Field Applications where using a Full Size Microscope is not practical.
  • Have a Large Metal Specimen that Can’t Be Brought into the Lab? Just take this scope and set it on the specimen!
  • Fully Versatile – No Electricity Needed. Take it Anywhere you Need!
  • Ideal for Field Identification and Analysis of the Structure of Different Metals and Alloys.
  • Great for Detailed Inspection of a Metallic Surface.
  • Great for Viewing Opaque Surfaces – Light Travels Through the Objective and Reflects off Surface of Object and Back Into Objective!
  • No Worries about how to get Light to the Specimen’s Surface!
  • Epi-Illumination Microscopy System: Light Source Located in the Rear Housing goes through the Horizontal Shaft, Reflects Down through Objective to the Specimen, Reflects off the Specimen, and Back into the Objective and then to the Eyepiece. Also known as Reflected Light Microscopy.

Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Four Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 200x, and 400x.
  • Wide Field 10x Eyepiece Set.
  • Four Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x.
  • Spring Loaded 20x and 40x Objectives for Protection.


  • 20W Incandescent Illumination.


  • Drop-In Filter Holder.
  • Two Filters Included: Blue (Daylight) and Green.


  • Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • The Focusing Knobs Raise and Lower the Scope’s Objective. This allows viewing of a flat surfaced specimen placed below the Scope.
  • Focusing Travel: 20mm.

Included Items

  • Comes with Dust Cover, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Extra Bulb, and Wooden Storage Case.

Other Specifications

  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • 110 VAC Power Requirement (Contact us about 220V availability).
  • High Quality Solid Construction!
  • Precision Made Glass Optics!
  • Brand New, Never Used!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Warranty is 5 years on all microscope equipment.
  • The microscope warranty covers problems arising from normal usage.
  • We will repair or replace your defective microscopy equipment as needed during the warranty period.