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About Us

We are a professional company dedicated to providing optical equipment for the field of metallurgy. Our equipment is used extensively for applications such as metal foundry and metal casting, silicon semiconductor wafer analysis, metal testing laboratories, quality control labs, etc. This inspection equipment is useful for viewing polished metallic surfaces and most any other surfaces that are smooth, flat, opaque and need epi-illumination through the objective at a high power magnification.

We strive to meet our customer’s needs by providing a wide variety of inspection equipment. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We must meet both your optical viewing needs as well as your budget. Simply showing you an item that fits your needs is not enough. If it were, and if you have the big budget, then you would simply call your local name brand dealer. We realize that not everyone has the budget for a brand new Zeiss or Olympus metallurgical microscope. Therefore, we are here to provide you options. Our Chinese made models are good for many industrial uses. However, if your application demands the best possible imaging, we can provide you excellent pricing on refurbished Olympus and Zeiss equipment.

We are: Knowledgeable in the subject matter, Capable to understand your specific application, Qualified to make a specific recommendation, and Large enough to have a wide selection to choose from. We do all that with your budget in mind.

Please call us today so we can review your application and recommend specific microscopy equipment to meet your needs.

We don’t just provide the equipment – We provide a solution!