Zeiss Model AxioPlan 2ie MAN
Manually Operated
Both: Epi-Illumination and Transmitted
Optovar Magnification Changer
DIC Differential Interference Contrast
Metallurgical Microscope

Model: Zeiss AxioPlan 2 imaging MAN
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Zeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical MicroscopeZeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical MicroscopeZeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical MicroscopeZeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical MicroscopeZeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical MicroscopeZeiss AxioPlan 2ie MAN Upright DIC Darkfield Metallurgical Microscope

Main Features:
Glass Top Stage.
Extra Large Stage with large X and Y Travel Distance.
Trinocular Viewing Head: (Zeiss part# 452143.)
This is the better style model that will allow 100% of the light to go to the camera port if desired. This is so you can take the best possible image with your camera. The other setting is for 100% of light to go to eyepieces. The third position is a 50%/50% split. Also has secondary slider to block all ambient light from entering eyepieces and exposing camera.
Note: Zeiss price list (year 2010) for this shows USD 3892 for this head alone, with no eyepieces.
Eyepiece pair is Pl 10x/25. Has one diopter on one eyepiece only.
Large physical size gives excellent thermal and mechanical stability.
Electronic setting for 3200 degrees K for daylight color temperature.
All required power cords.
Includes 3MP USB camera, software, free software upgrades, and camera c-mount adapter. Does not include laptop.

Optovar Magnification Changer:
Intermediate Piece – Optovar.
Changes magnification of final image.
Settings for 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.6x, 2.0x.
For example, a 10x objective, 10x eyepiece and 1.25x Optovar give a resulting magnification of 125x.

Transmitted Light – Brightfield Microscopy:
HAL 100 lamp housing. With 100W halogen bulb.
Koehler Field Diaphragm.
Variety of transmitted light filters including daylight balancing blue, green (for contrast), and several neutral density.
Light Condenser.
Numerical Aperture 0.8 N.A.
With iris diaphragm.
Part# 1087-444
Red for Strain Free Optics – for DIC
Condenser centering screws.

Reflected Light System:
Two sliders with Neutral Density Filters, total of four ND filters. Not sure what values they are.
Aperature Diaphragm and Field Diaphragm sliders.

Six Place HD DIC Objective Nosepiece.
With these lenses installed:
EpiPlan-NeoFluar 2.5x / 0.075, Infinity / 0. Part#442310.
EC EpiPlan-NeoFluar 5x / 0.13, Infinity / 0. HD DIC. Part#1156-514.
EC EpiPlan-NeoFluar 10x / 0.25, Infinity / 0. HD DIC. Part#422342-9960.
EC EpiPlan-NeoFluar 20x / 0.5, Infinity / 0. HD DIC. Part#1156-524.
EC EpiPlan-NeoFluar 50x / 0.8, Infinity / 0. HD DIC. Part#1156-528.
LC EC EpiPlan-NeoFluar 100x / 0.75, Infinity / 0. HD DIC. Part#1156-538.

This microscope is in great condition.

Research Grade Applications:
This is an industry-standard optical instrument, currently being used the world over in top universities and research labs.

This is a high quality Zeiss (Made in Germany) optical instrument.
We also sell Chinese made metallurgical microscopes but the quality is substantially lower.
We highly discourage buying the Chinese microscopes due to the problems that incur after the sale.

Testing Results:
This microscope was fully tested. Results are as follows:
All functions were found to be in proper working order.
Brightfield – Koehler illumination was set properly, with all adjustments and centering being properly achieved.
Excellent DIC images were obtained on epi-illumination (reflected, incident light). All objectives were tested and showed great DIC results. DIC is not possible with bottom transmitted light.

Good Economic Value:
This equipment is priced to sell.
When comparing other prices, be sure to see if they are simply dumping an item they got really cheaply, or if they are fully testing and refurbishing it. Check if it is complete. Even small parts can be very costly to acquire, and they are often not available. We keep a large inventory of replacement parts and accessories for this model.
Most sellers simply obtain the equipment then turn around and offer it for sale, doing nothing more than dusting it off and taking some photos. They have no idea if the internal parts are working properly. They can press some buttons and watch the movement of some parts, and say it works fine. Does it really get good imaging? You are paying us for the hardware, refurbishing, repairing as needed, adding missing components, testing, configuring, technical support to see the equipment meets your needs, warranty, and guarantee. If you simply want a unit, straight from a lab’s salvage dock, then the price can be much lower.
In addition, we are including a one year warranty, money back guarantee, and free shipping that are value added additions not given by most resellers and should be added to the value.

User Manual and Instructions:
Click this link:  Zeiss AxioPlan 2 Imaging Brochure
Click this link: Zeiss Axioplan 2 Imaging Operating Instruction Manual